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What is ReactJS?


React is a component-based framework with a well-defined lifecycle. Instead of using a traditional JavaScript language, React uses a special syntax known as JSX. This allows developers to use HTML and JavaScript together. While plain JavaScript knowledge is not necessary, it will make the experience much easier. Compared to other frameworks, such as Angular, React requires very little knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.

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React has two main types of components: class-based components and functional components. Each component is declared using a function. The former is the most common, and has hooks to deal with state management and other problems common to React code. Class-based components also use lifecycle methods to execute code at certain points. The latter has a feature called shouldComponentUpdate(), which prevents the need to re-render a component when the state of the parent component changes.

React uses a syntax called JSX. It supports HTML quoting. JSX uses HTML tag syntax to render subcomponents. Then, the React Framework parses the HTML and turns it into JavaScript calls. Facebook announced native libraries for React in 2015.

Netflix first adopted ReactJS in 2015, using ReactJS in combination with the Gibbon rendering layer. They chose React because of its declarative approach and one-way ticket data flow model. Later on, Airbnb chose React because of its component reusability and easy iteration. The library is used in the internal structures of Airbnb, a popular online hotel and car rental service. If you’re looking for a framework that can help you build your next great web application, consider ReactJS.

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