World Heritage Day 2010

World Heritage Day 2010

On the World Heritage Day, April 18, Assistant Director Tourism Leh Sh Nissar Hussian inaugurated a weekly talk on cultural heritage of Himalayas in the historical building of Lonpo House near Leh Palace. The program was initiated by Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF). Speaking on the occasion, Shri Nissar Hussain stressed on the importance of organizing cultural guide training to produce professional guides as he felt that it is the guides who introduce the indigenous knowledge with tourists coming to see and learn the unique heritage of Ladakh. Rev E.S. Gergan of the Moravian mission school Leh was the guest speaker on the occasion. He emphasized on the interdependence of different aspects of cultural heritage and importance of preserving them. “One cannot separate culture from the geography of the area because our ways of life, songs, dances, languages etc are very much associated with the environment where we live in”, said Rev Gergan.

Dr Sonam Wangchok, Secretary, Heritage Foundation highlighted the significance of World Heritage Day and said the World Heritage Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness among community to draw attention to the diversity of cultural heritage and its vulnerability. “This special day reminds us the significance of preserving and conserving our heritage and on this day Heritage Foundation is happy to announce the Heritage Talks in Lonpo House and we strongly believe that this will be the stage where scholars, researchers, students and local experts from remote villages will have chance to interact and share their knowledge”, he added.

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