Workshop organized on reviving and preserving monastic rituals (2014-15)

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A week long training workshop organized by Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF) in collaboration with Pegon Phagspa Nastan Bakula Institute on revival of monastic rituals dedicated to different tantric deities concluded at Monastic School of Spituk Gonpa on 01 July. Prof. Geshe Konchok Wangdu President, HCHF, Geshes and monks from Pegon Phagspa Nastan Bakula Institute, Dr Sonam Wangchok, Secretary, HCHF, Gey Lobzang Gyaltsen trainer, committee members of Spituk Gonpa and the trainees were present at the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Prof. Geshe Konchok stressed on the importance of imparting monastic wisdoms and knowledge to the young monks to preserve them from extinction. Education is the need of the hour and the young monks should get knowledge of both modern educations as well as monastic education and in doing that monastic schools should play important roles. Dr Sonam Wangchok said, “Many monastic art, crafts and ritual skills have almost completely died from within the monasteries in Ladakh over past several decades and the main aim of organizing workshops in the monasteries is to preserve and revive the monastic skills”.

The trainer, Gey Lobzang Gyaltsen who is in his 80s expressed happiness that he could impart his knowledge of monastic rituals to the young monks from Samkar, Sabu, Stok and Spituk monasteries. He said many monastic rituals including, religious music and rhythms (Rolyangs) are dying out from within the monasteries.

Gey Gyaltsen said, “I felt the importance of imparting whatever I know about monastic rituals to the young monks and tried to do it on several occasions but I failed as the young monks did not gave attention to my concern but I am thankful to HCHF and Pegon Phagspa Nastan Bakula Institute for organizing the workshop which was attended by more than 15 young monks”.

The rituals including religious music and recitation were video documented during the workshop.

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