Tourist Village Tegar – Sumoor Project (2013-14)

Zimskhang Gongma, Tegar

The software work (activities) plan of the project was put in place by Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF) in collaboration with Tegar Thundel Tsogspa (village association) under the CBSP (Capacity Building for Service Providers Scheme). The activities component consists of a community awareness programme of the tourism process, tourism product development, training for packaging, development of marketing activities, building capacity of village groups for entertainment.

Under this scheme HCHF organized training workshops for village communities on traditional music, traditional dances, handicrafts and stupa buildings.

Whereas the hardware (infrastructure) has been implemented by the Tourism Development Authority, Leh. This hardware component includes facilities such as the construction of an Arts and Crafts centre, museum, open courtyard, display counters, benches etc., as well as providing dressed stone on the internal pathway, signage and dustbins etc. in the two villages. Facilities are being provided to develop the Sand Dune in Sumoor village. These include public toilets, parking and signage. All these developments will help to improve the facilities in the village and give a good impression and environmentally friendly atmosphere for tourists.

Under this scheme HCHF has supervised the interior design of Craft Centre cum Museum including traditional kitchen, artisans’ gallery, guest room and a reception centre.

The minister for tourism, Gulam Ahmad Mir inaugurated the Art & Craft Centre cum Museum at Kyagar Nubra on 19th Sept. 2013. The minister on behalf of the people of the J&K State congratulate the people of Ladakh for preserving their age old culture and traditions alongwith degree of humility and simplicity from generation to generation and strongly urged upon the Ladakhis to pass on these values to the posterity.

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