Promotion and Preservation of the Traditional Folk Music of Nubra Valley (2009-10)

Traditional Folk Music

A 12 day training workshop was organized in Nubra in 2009 by Yarma Gonbo Tsogspa and supported by Safeguarding Cultural Resources (SACRE). This workshop also became the starting point of the vision and mission of Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation-HCHF. The main inspiration was to impart training on traditional dances and music to younger generations and to record the folk songs. About 150 people from 15 villages across Nubra participated in the workshop and 30 most important songs associated with Nubra valley were recorded. The two musicians from Sumur village imparted their knowledge on traditional music to 12 trainees from different villages. The workshop provided stage for singers, dancers, musicians and people who are interested in preserving and promoting traditional songs and music. Large number of youths grasped this opportunity to learn traditional dances, music and folk songs from elderly people.

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