My Culture – My Heritage (2014-15)

My culture My Heritage

In the second phase of the project HCHF organized one week workshop at Lonpo House on heritage education conducted by Dr Sonam Wangchok, secretary, HCHF and Yangchan Dolma, a research student from Himachal University. During this many folk stories were collected from the students. Students from several schools attended the workshop. Field trip to heritage sites was also organized during the workshop and at the same time they were taught to do audio documentation of traditional folk stories and songs. Under the project an essay writing competition in Bhoti Language was also organized in collaboration with Pethub Khangtsen Education Society, Leh. A ten day workshop was organized at Phagspa Nastan Bakula Institute at Pethub for revival of monastic rituals and crafts. During this young monks from the institute were taught many rituals and crafts which have almost been forgotten even within the main monastery. A complete video documentation was done during the workshop and DVDs handed over to the Institute, Pethub Gonpa, Samkar Gonpa, Saboo Gonpa and Stok Gonpa. During the workshops Dr Sonam Wangchok presented several Power-Point presentations on significance and value of Cultural Heritage. (For the second phase of the project we received grant of Rs 65,000/- from Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Srinagar/Jammu).

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