Old Town Café

Heritage Café

A traditional café is being run in the historical kitchen of Lonpo House. One can enjoy wide variety of tea and juices while enjoying the experience of being a guest in the kitchen where the noble family (Lonpo) of Ladakh used to live with graciousness. It has facilities like books on Ladakh and Himalayas, News papers, magazines and information on Ladakh and Himalayas. The proceeds from the café support the activities of HCHF.

One can not miss the preeminent view of Leh town with Stok Kangri in the backdrop from the roof top of Lonpo House.



Testimonials:  from the Visitor’s Book


“Beautiful historic building, pleasant place to rest and learn about Ladakh” Francis from America



“A perfect place to relax your mind, not to forget the delicious tea” – Rahul Tiwari from Delhi



“ The most delicious tea I have ever had in my life and the best view to match it. I will always remember this incredible place” – Calum Matthews from UK



“Great place, nicely presented. Good to learn about the culture. Keep it up the good work!” – Erica & John from London



“An immediate and sudden feeling of serenity entering this café. People whisper by fear of troubling the peaceful and quietness of this place”- Aurelic, Kim & Rachel



“Friendliest café in India. Feeling on top!” – Martin Findley from Scottish & Lamsell from England



“Thank you for your hospitality and the best honey and ginger tea EVER!!!” – Barbara&Greg from Poland



“Very Impressive. It is very nice to see our heritage been saved by organizations like yours. Being a Ladakhi I feel very happy to see our old monuments preserved like this. Keep up the good work!” Rahul Lonchey



“Best and quietest place in the world. Thank you”- Peta& Aloyse from Switzerland



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